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Saturday, 18 July. Budapest (arrival)

-- arrival of the participants in Budapest
-- Polish dinner (cooked by Karina and Bartek)
-- overnight in Budapest in the famous  AEGEE-Eötvös hostel

Sunday, 19 July. Budapest ==> Cluj-Napoca/Kolosvár/Klausenburg 

-- waking-up at 4.30 am
-- departure to Romania by train
-- first stop in Oradea to change the train
-- arriving in Cluj in the late afternoon
-- welcome brigade of AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca at the main station
-- stay in dorms
-- evening: dinner in a pizzeria 
-- afterwards: sightseeing-tour in Cluj by night
-- overnight stay in Cluj

Monday, 20 July. Cluj-Napoca/Kolosvár/Klausenburg 

-- official programme at the city hall of Cluj
-- lecturers with two professors of the Babes-Bolyai-University and a member of the city hall
-- afternoon: Ethnographical museum of Cluj 
-- evening: birthday party of Ilie (one of the Romanian hosts)
-- overnight stay in Cluj

Tuesday, 21 July. Savadisla/Tordaszentlászló

-- bus station
-- departure to Savadisla (community with Hungarian and Romanian villages)
-- tour with the Hungarian major 
-- lunch in a local restaurant (which is prepared for agrotourism) 
-- visiting the wooden orthodox church with an orthodox pope 
-- hitch-hiking back to Cluj 
-- overnight stay in Cluj

Wednesday, 22 July. Cluj-Napoca ==> Alba Iulia/Gyulafehévár/Weißenburg

-- train to Alba Iulia
-- arrival in Alba Iulia
-- late afternoon visit of the catholic church and the orthodox monastery
-- evening: pizzeria and discotheque 
-- overnight stay in a dorm in Alba Iulia

Thursday, 23 July. Alba Iulia ==> Sibiu/Nagyszeben/Hermannstadt 

-- breakfast in a pub with red light ...
-- morning: museum of Romanian history 
-- hitch-hiking to Sibiu
-- arrival in Sibiu
-- evening: meeting with the gypsy king in the gypsy center
-- overnight stay in a dorm in Sibiu

Friday, 24 July. Sibiu/Nagyszeben/Hermannstadt 

-- ASTRA-film studio, watching a movie about transhumance (Transhumanz) 
-- noon: meeting the German bishop, Dr. Klein 
-- afternoon: museum Dumbrava close to Sibiu (village museum) 
-- overnight stay in Sibiu

Saturday, 25 July.Country side in the Sibiu region

-- departure to a village that started with agrotourism 
-- visiting a famous museum with icons 
-- visiting the village 
-- lunch there 
-- overnight in Sibiu

Sunday, 26 July. Jina/Zsinna

-- departure to Jina (international folkloristic festival)
-- whole day: staying in Jina
-- overnight in Sibiu

Monday, 27 July. Sibiu ==> Biertan/Berethalom/Birthälm

-- departure to Biertan with the university bus
-- hiking tour to visit some church castles in German villages around Biertan 
-- overnight stay in Biertan

Tuesday, 28 July. Biertan ==> Sighisoara/Segesvár/Schäßburg

-- morning: visit the church castle of Biertan
-- departure
-- hitch-hiking to Sighisoara
-- late afternoon: sightseeing-tour with a woman of the German Forum in Sighisoara 
-- evening: restaurant 
-- overnight stay in a dorm of the German boarding-school (Internat) in Sighisoara

Wednesday, 29 July. Sighisoara => Harghita region => Brasov/Brassó/Kronstadt

-- rented coach
-- leader: Eszter
-- tour through the Szekler country
-- stop in different villages
-- evening: Hungarian folkloristic festival in Lunca de Jos
-- back to Brasov after midnight
-- overnight stay in Brasov

Thursday, 30 July. Brasov/Brassó/Kronstadt

-- sightseeing-tour in Brasov
-- afternoon: orphanage in Ghimbav
-- evening: discotheque 

Friday, 31 July. Brasov ==> Sinaia ==> Sighetu Marmatiei/Máramorosszighet 

-- meeting the Jewish community in Brasov
-- or some of us: one-day trip to Sinaia
-- 7pm: overnight train travel from Brasov to Sighet (Sighetu Marmatiei)

Saturday, 1 August. Sighetu Marmatiei ==> Botiza

-- morning meeting AEGEE-Baia Mare in Sighet
-- breakfast
-- museum (a former prison for political prisoners). The museum was created by the Romanian poet Ana Blandiana. 
-- afternoon: cemetery of the smiling faces (UNESCO World Heritage) 
-- dinner in the village Botiza (active in agrotourism) 
-- night: local pub with music 
-- overnight stay in Botiza

Sunday, 2 August. Botiza ==> Baia Mare/Nagybánya/Frauenbach

-- visiting a monastery close to Botiza (special celebration)
-- walking tour to a mineral-water spring
-- afternoon: bus departure to Baia Mare
-- dinner in a pizzeria
-- overnight stay in a dorm in Baia Mare

Monday, 3 August. Baia Mare (departure)

-- official departure from Baia Mare

bye folks ....

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