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Pictures from Transylvania (part 2)

... from Sibiu to Maramures... 


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From to Cluj-region
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 (part 3)
From Cluj-Napoca


One place two names. This village is called 'Mosna' in Romanian and 'Meschen' in German This is Brigitte, one of the project organisers, armed with a water-gun and surrounded by three police men
Impressions from Mosna/Meschen Impressions from Mosna/Meschen
Claudia and AmŔlie are interviewing an old lady in the Harghita region The castle church in Valea Viilor/Nagybaromlak/Wurmloch
Our impression from the Harghita region: kilometres of unpaved roads An afternoon in an orphenage, which is riun by a German-Swiss foundation 
The synagogue in Brasov/Brassˇ/Kronstadt The synagogue in Brasov/Brassˇ/Kronstadt The synagogue in Brasov/Brassˇ/Kronstadt
 The 'cemetery of the smiling faces' in Northern Romania, next to the Ukrainian border; ...
... the tomb stones are made of carved and colored wood, ... ... Each tomb stone tells a little bit about the person who is buried there, ... ... like here is told the story about the man who has been killed cruely.
AmŔlie writing her diary This is really shit !!!

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