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  this is Brigitte (from Mannheim), one of the organisers of the trip and striktly an anti-alcoholic -- as you can see....The Dutch FANTA representative, Johanoh Alberto what awonderfiuul tongue do you have. He's is called Alb 2nd. Because he is the second Alberto from Zaragoza (E)
Frombi (from Budapest...or France) and Claudia from Firenze (I)Impossible to catch a photo with her: Ruxi alias Ruxandra from Cluj-Napoca (RO)Amèlie from France...usually they do not look that sad: Bartek and Karina from Waszawa (PL)Mr Eversmile, Alberto 1st from Zaragoza (E)Eszter from Budapest (H)this is Luca Bassoletti, who got eaten by abig vampire called italian Army, therefore he didn't join us :-(Lia from Brasov (RO). Doesn't she look great with my glasses?Iulia and Lucian from Alba Iulia (RO)oh, and that's me, Ralph, who's responsible for all those photosA camera is a perfect excuse to get close to people, and even closer. It's it? Victor, the man with perfect eye (the camera man from Barcelona)
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