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AEGEE-Bratislava in co-operation with the East-West Working Group

AEGEE-Bratislava is proud to present

Quo vadis Slovakia?

Seminar, in Bratislava, April 24-26, 1998

Study Visit Slovakia

26 April - 2 May 1998

Number of participants:

A student seminar and a Study Visit to Slovakia organized by AEGEE's East-West Working Group and AEGEE-Bratislava.

In the recent past, people in our country were expected to fulfill planned tasks with obedience and yield rather than to approach problems critically and to search for the truth. Any intention to form one's own opinion, that would differ only slightly from the official line was regarded as a subversive activity troubling the peaceful progress of the society. We think that this has caused immense damage. Enormous efforts will have to be made to reverse this situation and to start a transition to a society of individuals, a society whose stability is based on an active competition of opinions, a society which encourages the diversity of opinion, in short, to a civil society.

Slovakia is heading into the European structures - this direction is declared to be the priority of the foreign policy both of the Slovak government and of other political parties of the country. Recently, the European Commission has published the evaluation reports on the countries that aspire to joining the European Union. Membership in the EU would undoubtedly mean a decisive moment for the future direction of our country.

We find the current situation of the knowledge about the EU among the members of the public to be very unsatisfying. Insufficient information and thus impossibility to form one's own impartial opinion on the issue gives way to demagogy and manipulations of public opinion.

We want to look for a solution of this problem by offering the possibility to get information concerning the integration of Slovakia into the European structures to a large group of people and to enable the participants to sophisticate their opinions thanks to concrete arguments.

We would like to provide foreign participants with a close and varied look at Slovakia, its orientations, problems and perspectives in connection with joining the EU.

The seminar itself will be followed by a five-day case-study trip during which the foreign students having a deep interest in the topic will look into the matters covered by the conference. This would allow them to get information on the socio-cultural background of Slovakia's development. At the end, the participants are expected to summarize the results in the final report.

The Study Visit is intended for a relatively small number of students only. We would like to present the described topics to a larger group on the three-day conference named "Quo vadis Slovakia?". 70 -100 foreign students will take part in this event and we would be happy if many local people joined us as well.

During the seminar, one and sometimes two main lectures will be held; their topics will be developed in the panel discussions and workshops that will deal with the detailed problems. This structure will enable every participant to get specific facts and share their opinions and views in debates. The preparation and making of a film including an opinion poll among the citizens of Bratislava on the knowledge they have about the EU will be another form of active participation. We will be happy to provide the film to other student organizations and NGOs.

24.-26.4.1998 QUO VADIS SLOVAKIA?


Thursday 23rd April 1998

arrival of participants

Friday 24th April


10.00 Official opening ceremony

10.30 Presentation - Development and fullfiling criteria of Assosiation agreement in certain countries. (Institute for Public Affairs in Slovakia or Slovak Society for Foreign Affairs.)

11.30 lunch

13.00 Panel discussion with representatives from Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Czech rep. and journalists (F. Šebej - Slovakia, Mr. Smejkal - Czech republic)

14.00 break with refreshment

14.30 Workshops about Hungary, Poland, Czech republic, Slovakia.

16.00 Presentation of workshop results

17.00 interviewing in the streets of Bratislava (seeking for opinions among people on EU)


social programme

Saturday 25th April


9.00 Presentations - EU as political system (European Commision)

10.00 Panel discussion - Slovakia's ability to aquint political criteria of EU membership (D. Slobodnik, B. Bugar, J. Figel)

10.45 break with refreshments

11.00 Workshops

12.30 lunch

14.00 Presentation Slovakia's ability to accept economical criteria neccessary to fullfil in order to EU membership

15.00 break with refreshments

15.30 Workshops

17.00 Presentation of workshophs results

free programme,


social programme (European Night)

Sunday 26th April


11.00 Presentation - Quo vadis Slovakia? Slovakia's perspectives (Centre for Economic Development - E. Jurzyca)

12.00 Panel discussion - Quo vadis Slovakia? (with representatives of opposite political viewpoints)

13.30 lunch

15.00 interviewing in the streets of Bratislava (seeking for opinions among people on EU)

voluntary programme for the ones interested in Slovak culture: (folklore dance group, video-film)

social sightseeing in Bratislava

How to apply:

by sending your personal data to (or or to

AEGEE Bratislava
Stare grunty 36
SDLS B 1203

SK-84 225 Bratislava

and answering the following question by March 20, 1998

What particulary would you like to learn during this seminar? (about 150 words)

Fee: for the seminar: for 50 CEEC participants free of charge / other participants: 10 ECU

26.4. - 1.5.1998, STUDY VISIT SLOVAKIA


26.04.1998 Sunday

departure from Bratislava to Kosice

27.04.1998 Monday

28.04.1998 Tuesday

departure to Presov

29.04.1998 Wednesday

departure to Banska Bystrica

30.04.1998 Thursday

departure to Zilina

meeting with students discussion with the chair of the Slovak National Party (SNS) and mayor of Zilina Jan Slota

departure to Nitra

meeting students of European studies, Hungarian students - discussion

01.-02.05.1998 Friday, Saturday

meeting political representatives,
minority groups,
journalists, students....

How to apply:

by sending your personal data to (and, or to

Stare grunty 36
SDLS B 1203

SK-84 225 Bratislava

Write an essay on a topic related to Slovakia concernig its history, political and economic transformation, minority rights and other issues of your interest (approx. 1500 - 2000 words), together with your application form.

Send it to by 30. March 1998!

Fee: for CEEC 35 ECU, for western Europe: 65 ECU


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