Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l'Europe - AEGEE


Case Study Trip to MOLDAVIA

from September 10th to 25th, 1997


Preliminary Program for the CST Moldavia in Fall 1997:

September 10th to 25th, 1997

Wednesday, September 10:
Meeting point for (greenhorn) participants from Western and Central Europe in Budapest.

Thursday, September 11:
Arrival of all the participants in Cluj-Napoca (Transilvania). Introduction, explaining the questionnaire for a survey on student life in Romania and the Republic of Moldavia (as we did it in Ukraine - with special concern to differences between certain regions of Romania/Moldavia)

Friday, September 12:
Cluj-Napoca: Lecture on Minorities in Romania in historical and contemporary contexts. Survey about students' life in Cluj-Napoca.

Saturday, September 13:
Historic sightseeing in Cluj-Napoca and survey, part of the group goes to a village

Sunday, September 14:
Travel from Cluj to Iasi (Romanian Moldavia).

Monday, September 15:
Lectures in Iasi on Moldavian (and Romanian) history (Roman Period, Middle Ages, Turkish Era and 19th/20th century), with a special focus on the question of a unification of Romania and the Republic of Moldavia.

Tuesday, September 16:
Historic sightseeing in Iasi and student life survey, part of the group goes to a village

Wednesday, September 17:
Travel to Chisinau (Republic of Moldavia)

Thursday, September 18:
Lecutures in Chisinau on the history of Basarabia (as the Republic of Moldavia is also called) in the Russian and Soviet times, and the development of the Republic of Moldavia after 1991, with special focus on economy (break-up of the Soviet Union) and minorities (Russians, Ukrainians, Gagauzans, the Transnistria question).

Friday, September 19:
Talks with students in Chisinau (survey etc.)

Saturday, September 20:
Sightseeing in Chisinau, departure to the countryside.

Sunday, September 21:
Day at the Moldavian countryside (with wine), maybe lecture on the agricultural and general economic situation (the R. of Moldavia is very agricultural)

Monday, September 22:
Travel to Tiraspol (Transnistria), talks to students and lecture on the minority problems and the status of Transnistria. (There had been a civil war in 1992 between the R. of Moldavia and Russian separatists on the left bank of the Dnyestr/Nistru river.)

Tuesday, September 23:
Afternoon travel back in Chisinau, evaluation of the results up to then.

Wednesday, September 24:
Travel back to Iasi, evaluation of the results.

Thursday, September 25:
Departure of the participants from Iasi, if they do not want to stay longer in Romania, and e.g. see the Moldavian monasteries, the Maramures area, the Danube Delta, or one of the Dracula castles.


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